Friday, December 2, 2011

27 - Ring enhancing lesions on CT Brain

The mnemonic : MR.THAMPA

What does it help in remembering : It helps us in remembering the differential diagnosis for a ring enhancing lesion on CT Brain.

Expand it : M = Metastatic tumors

                 R = Radiation necrosis

                 T = Tuberculoma

                 H = Hematoma

                 A = Aneurysm

                 M = Multiple Sclerosis

                  P = Primary Brain Tumor

                  A = Abscess.

To put it in a textbook way :
Primary brain tumor (glioblastoma), Metastasis (especially post chemotherapy), Abscess – ring is smooth and regular and usually thinner on the medial side; in HIV most common are toxoplasma, crytococcus, and TB (Toxoplasmosis is most common), Multiple sclerosis, Resolving hematoma (10-21 days), Tuberculoma, Radiation necrosis, Postoperative change, Aneurysm

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